About Me

I am the founder of Creative Nature; an allergy free brand offering high quality, nutritious, healthy and vegan friendly products which are free from the top 14 allergens. My products include baking mixes, bars, sweet treats and superfoods. I am also a campaigner and activist around allergies and anaphylaxis including being an ambassador for the Anaphylaxis Campaign and the Teal App. In the world of business, I am a young yet experienced entrepreneur who can support others to move forward as entrepreneurs, particularly in the food & drink sector.


I was born in Surrey, the oldest of three children and had a happy and loving early childhood supported by my parents.


While at nursery, I collapsed after consuming milk & cookies, although the cause of my collapse was not immediately clear. I started undergoing months of tests.


I was diagnosed with having multiple allergies including all nuts, peanuts, sesame, chickpeas, lentils and also some strong perfumes, aftershaves and later skin care products.


I left home for university on my journey to independence. I studied Business Finance and Management and had to really manage my multiple allergies alone for the first time.


I took up my first full-time job working for a bank/financial institution in Beijing. I faced my fear of living in another country, with a very different culture and language, and took on challenge of doing that alongside living with anaphylaxis.


Back home in the UK, I made the decision to take on a new challenge and buy Creative Nature. I took it over and transformed company into a challenger brand in the food and drink sector, catering for people just like me.


I won my very first award and since then, myself, my team and my company have gone on to win many, many more!


I was invited to speak at the Houses of Parliament for International Women’s Day


I was named Leader of the Year by The Guardian, in recognition of my complete dedication to her team and her business – facing down the challenges of being a young woman of mixed race in a sector which is male-dominated.


I become a mentor for Virgin StartUp


I appeared on the BBC TV series Dragons’ Den where I pitched to the Dragons for funding to take Creative Nature to the next level. We secured funding from Dragon Deborah Meaden which we later turned down. I felt it wasn’t the right path for my business.


Creative Nature won the title of UK Small Business of the Year from the FSB (Federation of Small Business) a huge accolade.


Creative Nature was then invited to open the London Stock Exchange


Julianne raises more than £500k in a crowdfunding campaign to grow the business and she is also named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 to watch (alongside her idol Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter!)


Julianne Makes the Forbes 30 under 30 list for her Allergy Friendly Business, Creative Nature.


Julianne is invited to be an ambassador for the Teal App and for the Anaphylaxis Campaign and decides the time is right to step up and be a voice for those who suffer from allergies and anaphylaxis.


Julianne is asked to share advice, information and tips around exporting and importing post Brexit. She’s held up as an example of good practice. She also pioneers Creative Nature being part of their first meal kit through the brand Gousto and the team created their first limited edition product – Easter Bunny Droppings.

My Mission

I wish to support and represent all of those who live with allergies and anaphylaxis to live their best possible lives. I do this through campaigning, educating, sharing stories and seeking to be among those who make decisions which can impact our every day lives – for good or ill.

I also wish to support other business owners who wish to create a challenger brand and who are scared, lost or stuck on their entrepreneurial journey. I can offer professional insight, inspiration and ideas and, sometimes, contacts to help them move forward in their business. I do this through professional mentoring and inspirational speaking.

Facts About Me…

Fact 1

I love everything Harry Potter! I made the Forbes 30 under 30 list and the best thing was I was on their the same year Daniel Radcliffe made it on there!

Fact 2

Despite finding it scary due to my allergies, I LOVE travelling and exploring new places! I encourage everyone to travel as much as they can, whether they have allergies or not. Its all about planning and preparation.

Fact 3

I try to do at least one thing each year that pushes me outside of my comfort zone! Whether this be jumping out of a plane or swimming with sharks!