Allergy Champion

I understand allergies.

My name is Julianne Ponan. Anaphylaxis advocate and founder of the top 14 allergen free brand: Creative Nature. I suffer from anaphylaxis to many allergens in the top 14 and beyond, such as tree nuts, peanuts, chickpea and sesame. 

Throughout my entire life I have felt like I was missing out when it comes to food. From sitting on the “allergy table” at school to having turn down home made cakes at parties.

My work is dedicated to changing and improving the lives of those with allergies. I have taken part in government consultations, campaigned for Natasha’s law, and spoken out against issues such as food labelling and discrimination against allergies.

The products I have developed for Creative Nature cater for all top 14 allergens and are produced in a tree nut and peanut free environment. Each batch undergoes multiple tests for allergen traces so you can be sure that the product really is free from! This is why we say it’s #DeliciousWithoutDoubt


My Top 14
Safe Factory

I pride myself on ensuring all factory lines are tested for the Top 14 Allergens before any production  of Creative Nature products. The factory is a peanut and tree nut free site. This is how we can bring you truly Top 14 Allergen Safe products

The Teal App Ambassador

New to the UK in 2020, this app has the potential to save the lives of those living with anaphylaxis by allowing anyone who suffers an attack to communicate through the app, across the world, so that help can quickly be called, those around can understand the nature of the attack and share vital information with health care professionals. It also works as an active community for those living with allergies and anaphylaxis.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign Ambassador

In 2020, I was also asked to become an ambassador for the well-established Anaphylaxis Campaign which works to raise awareness of the condition, support those with it and also campaign and lobby to bring about real change. With the increasing rise in food allergies, particularly among children, Julianne felt the time was right to increase her activity around the most extreme effect of allergies – a life-threatening anaphylactic attack which can kill.

Caron Pollard

CEO & Founder of the TEAL App

Julianne is a passionate advocate and trailblazer who raises the important issues around allergies and who wants to affect positive change on a major scale. We emphatically share the same ethos and mission; and want the same outcome for individuals and families with allergies; so that they be empowered to live safely and inclusively. This is why we wholeheartedly support Julianne and proud as punch for her representing us as the Teal Ambassador; so that we can together create a bigger table for everyone to join and enjoy.

Lynne Regent

CEO of Anaphylaxis Campaign

Julianne is extremely passionate about the issues that effect the allergic community. Having experienced what it is like to live with severe allergies. Julianne understands the challenges for those at risk and will be a strong voice for advocating for change and the work we do.

Being a voice for allergies

Julianne can talk about:

  • Early life experiences of having severe allergies – being put on the allergy table, bullied about her allergies, the impact on her family all embedded with feelings of exclusion and isolation.
  • Higher education as a seriously allergic person – the journey from school to university when exposure to food allergens is greater and becoming independent while managing a serious health condition.
  • Living and travelling overseas with allergies – Julianne’s range of experiences around holidays overseas, travelling with allergies and even living in another country when having anaphylaxis.
  • Shopping and cooking with allergies – what are the day to day challenges?
  • Campaigning for allergy sufferers – how to make an impact by speaking out, standing up and taking part to raise awareness and educate around anaphylaxis and allergies.
  • Christmas, Easter and Halloween for those with food allergies – talking about her experiences around these annual events where food & drink are central to celebrations.

To discuss your requirements please contact Julianne’s media consultant Fiona Scott on 07789 270030 or email

Booking Julianne for a talk on the subject of allergies and anaphylaxis may require a fee for her time and expertise. This will vary depending on the type of event and whether Julianne is representing herself or another organisation such as Anaphylaxis UK. In some cases she may ask for a donation and for her expenses only to be met.

How I ensure my Factory is completely Top 14 Allergen Safe

Why I took part in Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped

I’m an Ambassador for the Anaphylaxis Campaign!

Top 14 Free Recipes

Everyone deserves a taste adventure every now and then. Even those of us who often struggle to find recipes that cater for our food allergies!

On the Creative Nature website, we have a whole range of Top 14 Allergen Free recipes from breakfasts to desserts that you can enjoy! Below are some of my favourites…

Maca & Butternut Squash Risotto

Raw Chocolate Pancakes

Maca Millionaire Snack Bites


Dominic Raab

MP for Esher and Walton

I am really proud to have such an innovative local business in the constituency. Creative Nature combines Julianne’s person story and entrepreneurial talent, and she and her team deserve all the accolades they’re getting as this brilliant young business goes from strength to strength.

Cressida Langlands

Director FreeFrom Food Awards

Julianne’s consistent drive and commitment to helping the allergy community is how she ensures Creative Nature keep evolving their products, making them ever more suitable for the ever-increasing allergy community – many allergy reactors express joy in their Gnawbles, bars and baking mixes, because they trust that the company take extreme care to make sure their products are free of the top 14 allergens, making a real difference for people with allergies.