MedicAlert’s First Ever Ambassador


I am very excited to announce that today, April 6, I have been named as MedicAlert’s first ever ambassador in 66 years! 

This is an incredible honour for me to be chosen by the leading organisation offering credible and globally known medical ID jewellery.

In the UK, supported by the National Health Service, MedicAlert is an organisation set up to save lives in an emergency by providing vital information about a wearer’s medical condition – so that the wrong treatment is not administered.

For me, this is vital as I have very serious allergies and as a result many medications are dangerous for me to consume or even come into contact with. My condition also affects any ongoing treatments, what food I’m given and what drinks I consume. So knowing this about me – especially if I’m unable to communicate myself – is vital to keep me as safe as possible.

I’m also taking this role to support my mum, Yvette, who is now in her early 60s. Mum does not have my condition but she’s had a torrid couple of years where she suffered a sudden and unexpected brain aneurysm which led to her being in intensive care for weeks. We were even told to prepare for the worst. It was a terrible time for me and my siblings.

I’m pleased to say she’s made a fantastic recovery. However, she has been left vulnerable by this life-changing health event and this can affect her ability to communicate. So, a MedicAlert bracelet is vital in allowing health professionals to identify her situation quickly if she was caught up in another emergency.

What is MedicAlert?

MedicAlert is a charity that supports people living with medical conditions, including allergies to food, medication and the environment.

The MedicAlert Foundation came over to the UK 55 years ago and during that time they have supported many people by giving them access to their vital service.

MedicAlert IDs are worn on pulse points of the body and look like a bracelet or necklace. This means, in the event of an emergency they can be seen easily and quickly by first responders, which in turn allows quick identification for the best treatment, including what medication must not be given.

People can apply online. After entering their medical details, a registered nurse reviews all of the applications, to check that the most vital information is engraved on their MedicAlert ID. They are NHS recommended.

I had my first anaphylaxis incident when I was just two years old and ended up in intensive care – and it’s happened several times since (I’m now 32). I have now lived with this risk my whole life, and its one of my main reasons for building the company I have.

If I had known about MedicAlert when I was a child, I know both myself and my parents would have been less stressed when I was away from home. And this is part of the issue that the MedicAlert team want to address.

They want to show people how something as simple as having a bracelet with medical information engraved on it – can make a huge difference. It really can save a life.

Alongside the other work I already do in raising awareness of anaphylaxis and the problems faced by people living with food allergies, being able to support this particular charity as an ambassador is wonderful.  You will see me talking at events, sharing information on my social media channels, talking about this in my blogs and also on the channels of my company Creative Nature.

Amazingly, MedicAlert also offers free membership and IDs to vulnerable children up to their tenth birthday. This is achieved through sponsorship and partnership with Lions Clubs International.

Being able to wear an alert bracelet or necklace which will help paramedics and first responders to know my details is so reassuring. Making the choice on whether to wear one or not is a no-brainer!  This will give me far more confidence when in situations where in the past, I may not have felt so secure.

If you have never heard of MedicAlert and you need such a life-saving piece of jewellery then visit their website, you will never regret it! You can even use my code CREATIVENATURE15 for 15% off your order.

Don’t be afraid to share the link with any friends or relatives that you believe might need it too!