National Sister Day

Its National Sisters Day which is why I thought It would be the perfect time to feature a Q & A with my little sister, Carissa and hear what it was like for her growing up with allergies.

We are very different but there are somethings we agree on now and then šŸ˜Š plus we do have some of the same allergies, have a read to see which ones.

1. Do you suffer from any allergies?

YesĀ  – Some nuts, terrible hay fever and penicillinĀ 

2. (If yes to the above question) Do you think it brought you closer knowing that you both suffer from allergies?

Yes- it was nice to know we weren’t alone and could always look out for each other. 

3. Growing up did you struggle with altering your diet to make sure Julianne was safe from products she was allergic to?

Growing up with Julianne meant we did not have access to nuts in the house, despite my allergies being less severe than Julianne’s we shared similar diets. So it was not really an issue. 

4. Do you remember any of the reactions that Julianne had when you were younger, how did you deal with that?

There was a particular incident that comes to mind when we were on a cruise ship holiday. Whilst docked and visiting a country, Julianne had a severe allergic reaction to something unknown, we rushed back to the ship to retrieve her epi pen and antihistamines. My brother and I assisted by finding ice and reducing the swelling of her neck. It was a traumatic experience for everyone, especially Julianne. She handled it very well, remained calm and reassured us, a good role model to look up to. 

5.What did you do to help with Julianneā€™s food allergies? (Did you learn to use an epi pen, have piriton to hand,  cut out certain things from your diet etc)  

I am a big fan of Juliannes company and think her products cater for allergy sufferers perfectly. I try to eat her products around her over generic confectionary items that may result in an allergy, they are delicious so its not really a struggle. Being a vegetarian it can be a bit more difficult when cooking meals/going out to restaurants as though I can eat lentils and chickpeas Julianne cannot. Being more considerate when choosing a restaurant that caters for her allergies means we both can enjoy ourselves without the additional fear. 

6. Do you think youā€™re a lot more aware of what is in products now after growing up with Julianne?

Juliannes allergies are probably some of the worst I have seen. She has definitely has enlightened me on the vast number of products that contain allergy sensitive ingredients. Her platform as an advocate for anaphylaxis sufferers has provided valuable insight into the world of allergies, she has formed a wonderful community that offers constant support and advice for all.  

7. Did you worry about all the times that Julianne could potentially have a reaction whether that be in a restaurant, train, aeroplane?

Yes, all the time. Though Julianne is responsible and sensible others around her may not necessarily know about her allergies. Though I am sure most people would be considerate if they knew, it is not always clear, thus making the possibility of a potential allergy heightened.  

8. Did you ever feel as though you missed out on certain things due to Julianneā€™s allergies?

Not really, we were in this together and I will always support my sister. She has overcome a lot of obstacles and built an incredible company, couldn’t be more proud.