Spotlight of the Month – @allergymomwithamission

I am so excited to announce that my Spotlight of the Month for September is @allergymomwithamission. We delve deeper into tips of eating out with allergies, the difficulties of finding safe foods, non-allergy related facts and so much more.

1. What are you and your daughter allergic to?

Eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and shellfish. I am allergic to tree nuts and I have oral allergy syndrome to many raw fruits and vegetables.  

2. Why did you set up your Instagram page and what do you wish to achieve?

I worked for End Allergies Together and when it wound down I felt helpless I wanted to do more to help further spread awareness and connect with the food allergy community, so I started the Allergymomwithamission Instagram page. 

3. What are your top tips for eating out with allergies?

Always be over prepared. Call ahead, speak to a manager and get their name. Go early before the lunch or dinner rush. Bring allergy cards that you can give to the manager for the chef. We have ones with Lexi’s picture, name, allergies and protocols for cross contamination. If the server or manger does not sound confident in being able to safely accommodate our allergy needs I have no problem leaving. Safety comes first.

4. How did you teach your daughter to understand her allergies?

We started early by modelling for her what it means to advocate and spread awareness. It is important to teach our children that allergies are not something to be taken lightly, but that they don’t need to be anxiety ridden either. A happy and safe life can be led with inclusivity if you advocate and speak up for yourself.  

5. Do you find it hard to find products that are safe?

How do you think this can be improved? When I was younger I remember not being able to find many store bought nut free treats. However, we are so lucky now to have so many safe products. I think it is important for everyone to support small and not just the larger allergy friendly companies. Without the smaller ones we would have less options that are both yummy and safe.  

6. Please can you tell us a non-related allergy fact about you?

Lexi does not allow her allergies to define who she is or what she does. She loves to play soccer and tennis with her friends. Her favourite time of the year is summer as she goes to sleepaway camp and loves her summer home