I am so delighted to say that this months Spotlight is the wonderful Jo Frost aka the Supernanny. Jo is such an incredible woman who works really hard and always supports me.

1. What are you allergic / intolerant to?

I’m assuming you just mean food wise? Otherwise we will be here forever! 🤣

Shellfish/Crusteans, All Nuts I’m Anaphylaxis to then intolerant with some diary products. 

2. What is your favourite meal that you can safely eat?

Well I do love Mexican food and as you can imagine here in Cali they do that extremely well! Enchiladas, Mahi tacos 🌮 😋 and a nice #MountGayRum to wash that down with please ! 🙂

3. Why did you set up your web / Instagram page and what do you hope to achieve from it?

I set it up to help & educate families as a great tool in this era of technology and I believe I’m achieving that goal everyday as it has made an impact on the knowledge parents can obtain daily worldwide. 🙌🏽

4. What is your favourite piece of advice for people that have allergies? 

Stay informed, carry two epipens and know that your allergies do not define who you are. Okay a few pieces there 😉

5. We are all people behind our allergies, what would you say is the one most interesting non allergy related fact about you ?

That I have a wicked sense of humour and a cheeky laugh to go with it. Most people because of my persona on TV handling extremely difficult family challenges  expect me to be very serious and straight-laced until they see me laughing out loud or dancing in a lounge bar somewhere in Europe! They say omg I can’t believe it’s you, you’re so cool, so different then on TV, I’m like yeah because I’m chilling! cheers 🍾💃🏾💥❤

Thank you so much to Jo for being my Spotlight of the month. I’ve really enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you.